Saturday, April 16, 2011

Seduce enchant, to put under one's spell.  Now that the first two steps are in place, the check made, the place known and occupied....the fun begins.  As the enchantment grows, so deepens the submission.  The need to please is intensified. The need for self gratification replaced by a urge to please.  The daunting reality that if the Dom is not pleased the sub can not experience pleasure. The replacement of self with selflessness.

The part chemical, one part physical, two parts ethereal (spiritual, electrical, transcendence, insert synonym).  The stuff fairy tales are made of.  This, in its best form, is a two way street.  Co-dependence in its best form. Like getting lost in a good book and never wanting the end to come.  Until the story becomes life itself.  Some strange episode of The Twilight Zone, where your narrator is standing right in front of you.

Seduction, can be long and drawn out, or instant as in the electric look from across the room, cutting through the air, teleporting each party instantaneously into their own private version of space.  Slowing  down time, and the universe itself.  Like the onset of a powerful drug....hardly noticeable at first, hard to handle at the peak and next to impossible to leave in the end.

Seduction, where infatuation transforms into overwhelming consumption of all that is and will ever be.  Laying the foundation for that place where time is erroneous and space is malleable.


  1. What a kick to read Lil then come here and read you.

  2. I did say that it was like a drug...You drugged me! Sigh* I think I should really be objecting, but it's far to late for that, no?

  3. It was far too late the first time I set eyes on you little one....

  4. Oooh. Seduce me. mean yes, seduction is so very powerful. I love to be seduced and I love to seduce.

    This is my favorite line: Until the story becomes life itself.

  5. powerful...yet so subtle.

    It begins in the mind, it's web slowing weaving...then before you know; it is to late and you are firmly in it's grasp.