Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Just a little food for thought.........yours and mine............................

A quick personal deffinition I have been pondering for a while now.  All be it from a Dom's  point of view.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just a thought or two

     Yin and Yang, black and white.  Two polar opposites that are part of the same whole.  Neither existing without the other.  A small part of each within the other.  Swimming in a ring which contains them both, defining their space, highlighting their existence.  Perfect within each other.

     This to me is so much of what D/s relationships are about.  Two polar opposites that some how magnetize to form one whole.  Each exhibiting parts of their partners.  Their counterparts enabling each other to delve fully into those realms of subconscious desires and unknown motivations.  The little piece of each that is exchanged.  It is a true Dom that knows fully the power of submission.  A true sub that knows the responsibility of Domination.  Without that little piece there is no truth.

    It is this polarization which enables the use of energy.  Imagine that the yin and the yang are water and oil in a sealed glass vial.  As you slowly move the glass from side to side.  The water and oil don't mix.  They slide across and around each other.  In constant contact, yet never touching.  This is the SPACE where all the energy is.  This is the sub space, The Dom space.  This is where we lucky enough to have found the doorway go to escape it all.  The deepest space.  The place where we are most heavily insulated from the outside ring.

  Energy play is like having a set of jumper cables strung from the center to the outside.  A sort of gate to the inside that can be opened at will.  Only not at your will.  At your opposites will.  That spark that is created by a circuit that is not quite connected, yet in close enough proximity to send electrons hurdling through the air.  WATCHING the spark... IS the play.  Like the sky longing to touch the earth,  the earth needing to touch the sky and the lightning created to satisfy the longing........................

There you go little one...I made a post for you,  hope you enjoyed it.