Saturday, April 16, 2011

Seduce enchant, to put under one's spell.  Now that the first two steps are in place, the check made, the place known and occupied....the fun begins.  As the enchantment grows, so deepens the submission.  The need to please is intensified. The need for self gratification replaced by a urge to please.  The daunting reality that if the Dom is not pleased the sub can not experience pleasure. The replacement of self with selflessness.

The part chemical, one part physical, two parts ethereal (spiritual, electrical, transcendence, insert synonym).  The stuff fairy tales are made of.  This, in its best form, is a two way street.  Co-dependence in its best form. Like getting lost in a good book and never wanting the end to come.  Until the story becomes life itself.  Some strange episode of The Twilight Zone, where your narrator is standing right in front of you.

Seduction, can be long and drawn out, or instant as in the electric look from across the room, cutting through the air, teleporting each party instantaneously into their own private version of space.  Slowing  down time, and the universe itself.  Like the onset of a powerful drug....hardly noticeable at first, hard to handle at the peak and next to impossible to leave in the end.

Seduction, where infatuation transforms into overwhelming consumption of all that is and will ever be.  Laying the foundation for that place where time is erroneous and space is malleable.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dominate overwhelm.  To be larger than life such that all else pales, nay shrinks, in comparison.  The way our Sun dominates our solar system.  Looking at the planets themselves, is a truly massive undertaking.  Think of it,  rocks are small, boulders are big, mountains are massive, continents enormous, they all join together to make a planet that is in and of itself everything to so many.  Yet it is but a mere speck in comparison to the overwhelming presence of the sun.  The sun, that if not kept in check by the forces of the universe, would burn so intensely as to consume all in its path,  or at least near proximity.  But then again is there anything more humble than the sun.  Never wanting, always giving, providing for so many with no expectation of return. exert force of will.  This is almost never well received as force of body, yet mind.  Let's take the all too common "Get on you knees slut" approach into consideration.  Not to say that it doesn't have it place.  But is far to often used without a CHECK in place.  This can be quite effective, but only if proper binding is in place.  That is it only works if the sub is wanting of moving to the next step, submission.  If not it leads to issues.  Issues of questions like "Why should I?"

In my experience,  some of the most dominate forces, should I say personality's that I have encountered have been the most humble.  Those who lead by example and expect no one to follow,  but are welcoming and helpful of all that do.  People that do not have to utter a word to fill the room with their overwhelming presence.  People that can put you in you place with a simple LOOK.  Yet with a smile make YOU feel larger than life.  And that is, for me, what ttwd is all about.  EMPOWERMENT.  Through being strong, you gain the luxury to be week;  through complete submission you may gain the exhilaration of being truly powerful.

In the presence of a true dominating force, there is one thing and one thing only TRUTH.  For this overwhelming force can see instantly through the haze of bullshit we all create around ourselves.  This leads to a sense of need.... Need to be completely honest and forthcoming.  After all we all want to make pretty the truth,  but none want to get caught in the shame of a lie.  And the wost lies of all are the ones we tell ourselves.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Ok, let's explore the food for thought a little bit more.  First off:  Bind.

To Bind.  This can be straight forward or ethereal.  Let's go for the later as it should prove more fun....and couldn't we all use more fun in our lives.  To Bind, impede motion, to put into check.  Anyone can implement this strait forward, a little bit of rope, some leather, don't forget the stainless steel latches.....but the ethereal check is so much better and so much more effective.

This, as in a grand chess game, is done through careful observation.  Studying of habits and driving forces, both conscious and unconscious, and actually the unconscious prove to be more fun.  When you have a working knowledge of someone's subconscious, you may consistently evoke reactions that are elusive, even to them.  This power can be either beneficial or detrimental, depending where it is coming from.  As the old saying goes....Trash in...Trash out.  But I digress...

To impede motion.  To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  It is this counter action that cancels out the action rendering it void.  If every dis-satisfactory action is rendered void, the the obvious, nay subconscious, reaction is to stay put.  CHECK!.

I was fortunate enough to belong to Timber Wolf (of the K9 variety) for some 15 years.  Beautiful creature, very large, very intimidating.....very friendly, very loving.  Got along with all people, unless they intended harm,  and got along with all K9's.....once they submitted.  And they WOULD submit....or die.  The thing is...she always kept order.  When anyone got an attitude....all it took was a look, that is THE LOOK.  This look worked equally as well on humans and K9 alike.  The look that screams:  your fucking up....and you have half a second to correct your behavior or it will be corrected.  It wasn't a violent look...always.  Yet more of a loving look...your not really going to make me do it....are you?  CHECK!

To bind....To put into one's place and prevent undesired motion.  There is no where to go.  This IS the ONLY place to be.........